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Trail Difficulty Length Elevation Gain Time
Creston Mountain Trail Network
– Balancing Rock Moderate 3.4km Round Trip 220m 2hrs
– Fern Forest Moderate 1.4km One Way 180m 2hrs
– Mt. Creston Moderate/Challenging 4.3km Round Trip 400m 2.5hrs
– Summit Creek Moderate 4.6km Round Trip 50m 2.5 hrs
Billy Goat Bluffs Challenging 5.3km Round Trip 400m 3hrs
Corn Creek Falls Challenging 750m Round Trip 100m 30min
Corn Creek Giant Cedar Easy 100m Round Trip 2m 5min
Cornice Ridge Moderate/Challenging 6.1km Round Trip 362m 3hrs
Gray Creek Pass Moderate 4.0km Round Trip 242m 3hrs
Haystack Mountain Challenging 11km Round Trip 1050m 6hrs
Ka Papa Cedars Easy/Moderate 1.7km Round Trip 50m 1hr
Ladyslipper Moderate/Challenging 4.8km Round Trip 400m 3hrs
Mt. Loki Challenging 11.3km Round Trip 1125m 6hrs
Mt. Midgeley Moderate 5.0km Round Trip 155m 2.5hrs
Mt. Thompson Rotary Moderate 3.3km Round Trip 310m 1.5hrs
Mt. Thompson Rim Moderate 7.4km Round Trip 150m 5hrs
Ripple Ridge Moderate 6.6km Round Trip 319m 4hrs

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Trail Stewardship Guidelines

Welcome to Creston Valley Trails.  It is important to us that you have a safe and enjoyable experience, and that you help us preserve the experience for others.  Here’s how:

Awareness of trail designations and conditions

Please be aware that many trails have restricted use categories, for example for horses or snowmobiles.  Check the status prior to planning your hike.  No motorized vehicles are permitted on any of the trails.

Also be aware that our maps reflect only the trail locations, not the current conditions you may experience as you hike.  Please be prepared for your hike and ensure you have left a location document with a contact.

During your hike:

  • Stay on the trail.  Limit your foot traffic to established trails to minimize damage to fragile ecosystems.
  • Some trails border private land.  Please be respectful of private land owners.
  • Leashed dogs are welcome on the trails.
  • Do not disturb wildlife or plants.  Keep clear of nesting birds, do not approach or feed wildlife, do not remove vegetation.
  • Keep it clean.  Carry out all garbage including food scraps and human waste.

After your hike:

  • Sharing.  Any information that you have learned about the trail that would be valuable to others and can be shared on our website would be most welcome.