Want to help us out by adding a trail in the Creston Valley Region we haven’t recorded yet? Great! You’re in the right place.

There are a few ways you can go about recording your trails.

Option 1 – Handheld GPS

If you have your own GPS and know how to record trails, you can send us the data you have on your device. Each GPS is different but for most part you can just plug it in to your computer, grab the file you want, and upload it below.

Option 2 – iPhone

These days a handheld GPS just isn’t needed anymore to get decent data. There are a multitude of apps that allow you record and save routes on your iDevice, but we recommend using MotionX GPS. Its clean, its simple and it only costs a buck or two. You can get more info on using the app here. Basically you just go to Menu>Tracks and hit the plus button in the top left. Here you can start recording a new track. When your hike is done just hit pause, and save the track. Once you’ve recorded a track go to Menu>Share to email a saved track to yourself, then upload it below.

Option 3 – Android

Coming Soon

Upload Your Data Below

Fill out the form below to send us your data. We’ll add it to the site within a week or so. Thanks for sharing!

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Maximum upload size: 268.44MB