Please visit the Mt. Midgeley Trail webpage for more detailed directions to get to the cabin.


Midgeley Cabin is located on Midgeley Mountain on the west side of the Creston Valley in British Columbia, Canada.  It is located beside a pleasant subalpine meadow within a widely spaced forest with an alpine view.  The cabin is accessible by a moderate hike from a forestry service road and can be booked from June 15th through October 15th each year.

Volunteers from the non-profit Trails for Creston Valley Society operate and maintain the cabin.   If you have any questions or comments please contact

Booking the Cabin

Midgeley Cabin has four single beds with mattresses and has a maximum occupancy of four people.  It can be booked for CAD$20 per person per night, payable via PayPal, using the form located below on this webpage.  You must use a secure web session, i.e. https://, for the booking system to work properly.

Please ensure a copy of the booking receipt is visible on your vehicle’s dashboard while staying at the cabin.

You may check into the cabin after noon on the first day of your booking and check out no later than noon on the last day of your booking.

Amenities & What to Bring

  • The cabin does not have a woodstove, running water or electricity.
  • There is a white gas lantern and a propane camping stove available in the cabin.  Please bring your own white gas and propane canister.  The stove uses standard 1lb propane cylilnders.
  • No potable water is available at the cabin.  Water must be taken from the creek and boiled.
  • Please bring food, dishes, utensils, pots and pans, dish pan, dish soap and dish cloths.
  • An outhouse is located beside the cabin but you must supply your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  • You will need to bring sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Please bring garbage bags to pack out your garbage when checking out.
  • A first aid kit is available in the cabin.


  • Dogs are not allowed at the cabin due to the presence of traplines and wildlife in the area.
  • Hunting is not allowed.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the cabin.
  • Fill stoves and lanterns outside the cabin and leave extra fuel outside.
  • Do not store or dispose of food outside the cabin because it will attract wildlife.
  • Please make sure the cabin and outhouse are clean when leaving the site.
  • Please latch the doors to the cabin and outhouse when leaving.
  • When checking out, do not leave leftover food in the cabin because this will attract rodents.
  • You must pack out all of your garbage including organic waste.

Book the cabin

Note! A minimum of 1 day(s) need to be selected. A maximum of 7 day(s) can be selected.

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