Trail Map

Quick Facts

Distance: 5.3km Round Trip
Elevation Gain: 369m
Difficulty: Challenging
Time: ~3 hrs
Season: Spring-Fall
Parking: Lots


“Billy Goat Bluffs” is the newest trail in the Creston Valley, completed by the Creston Community Forest in June 2018.  The trail provides easy access to Arrow Mountain, known locally as Goat Mountain, from within the town of Creston with the trail head located behind the Town of Creston Public Works Yard on Helen Street.

The trail meanders up Goat Mountain at a steady pace under a shaded pine canopy. About mid-way up the trail a clearing provides a nice view of your progress. Continuing onward for another 30 minutes the trail comes to the final lookout atop a rock outcrop, which provides a stunning westward view over the Creston Valley and north to Kootenay Lake.  In total, the trail takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete and could be classified as moderate with some very steep sections.

This trail is managed by Creston Community Forest.  Their description of this trail can be found at

Elevation Profile