Trails’ Lake Access Committee was formed with an objective to identify, locate, assess and publicize public access sites for Kootenay Lake.  In 2015, a group of enthusiastic committee members helped expedite this process by scouting out lake access sites to determine which ones are appropriate for day use and what improvements are needed.  This information was forwarded to the RDCK and is also available online with GPS coordinates at

Area A Director Garry Jackman has responded to these recommendations for improving lake access by requesting Licenses To Occupy for the five best sites identified by the committee.  These licenses to occupy will provide Area A with the right to erect signage and make improvements according to each site’s unique needs.  There is hope that other sites will follow.  Once the planners have gone through the necessary protocol, such as conducting environmental and cultural assessments and surveys, Area A (with the help of designated stewardship groups) will begin making improvements and setting up caretaking activities.