Trails for Creston Valley Society has received final approvals from FLNRO on the designation to create an interpretive trail through a stand of giant cedars along summit creek.  This site was a favorite of Ralph Moore who loved to take his winter snow-shoers trekking through this impressive ancestral forest and was a project he envisioned for who knows how long.  Only a year ago, Ralph helped us fill out the application forms.  He had it all mapped there in his head.  He talked about using the highways snow plow turn around as parking, a graded trail down the hillside and a suspension bridge going over summit creek.

A planner from Nelson came out to map the area and make up a site plan.  It was a glorious fall day.  We tromped through bogs and dying Devils Club crossing the moss covered creek bed and emerged into the spectacular ancient cedars.  I began to see the trail as Ralph had described it and why this place was so special to him.  “Our work as environmentalists is easy,” I remember him saying many times, “All we have to do is take people into the mountains, and that’s the fun part.”

We have notes, GPS and lots of recommendations for this project.  This trail is ready for champions!  If you are interested in being on a committee to get this project moving, we would love to have you!  Please contact us at if you are willing to participate or if you have any questions.

Ralph left an incredible legacy in our valley.  This will just be one more, but this time he won’t be carrying the saw.