Over the past weekend (February 21 & 22, 2015) clean-up project at the Old Ferry Landing site, an ambitious and eager crew of volunteers showed up ready to get their hand’s dirty, and that is exactly what they did. Over 200 kilograms of garbage was pulled out of the brush, cleaned up and hauled to the land fill. There is nothing glamorous about cleaning up someone else’s trash, and our hope is that the community will see the hard work that has gone into the beautification of this site to ensure that it remains a place for humans and nature to enjoy together.

It has been inspiring to see people step forward to advocate for the bird habitat in our valley. We want to share our enthusiasm and concern for conservation as well.

The only tree that was felled was a green cottonwood that was hanging over the edge of the river bank with its top caught in the branches of its neighbours. No nests or cavities were present in the tree. The brush removed was a narrow strip to the south of the burn pile/garbage dump to open up a view of the river.


We have no intention of disturbing the remainder of the thickets at the Ferry Landing site, and along with the many kilometres of similar adjacent habitat along the dike there.

It is our hope that we will soon be able to install picnic tables at this spot, where people can appreciate the beauty of the place for day use. As the site becomes cleaner and better cared for, we hope others will stop using it as a trash pile.

Regional District, Area C would like any information on people dumping garbage at this site as there is a $2000.00 fine for such behavior. The tipping fees at the Dump are significantly less.

We feel for the long term wellness of this area and to maintain public access to our waterways, it is vital to build a culture of stewardship and pride in our community for our green spaces.[/fusion_text]